The Society of One 
Released: September 2017.

Since previous events, Jonas has now moved to the US to recover from his ordeal under the care of Aaron Parker. The sisters Melissa Young and Sophia Riva are traveling together in order to bond and recover from their own experiences. ANI and the EDAI program continue on as before, spreading knowledge, good will and a spirit of cooperation to every nation on Earth. The Sleeping Death plague that killed millions has abated, and humanity is able to look to the future with hope. For the first time in recorded history, peace has fallen across the globe. The Earth isn't yet a utopia, but it's getting there, one step at a time.

But some, a rare few, know the truth. While the improvement of the human condition is very real, the reason behind it has nothing to do with altruism or community. Shadowy organizations beneath and beyond human knowledge are fighting for the Earth and all life upon it. Forces of colossal power are manipulating the situation for their own purposes, making plans humans have no choice but to follow. Can ANI and the small group of humans do anything to resist such might? Can the humans even trust ANI, who seems to working to her own plan? Even if humanity survives the rising conflict, will they still be fully human?

The Society's Demon 
Released: January 2017.

A teenager living alone in the brutal slums of South Africa. An ex-soldier and computer specialist grieving for his family. A brilliant young physicist acting as the spokesperson for a radical new charitable organization. The futures of all three of these people are bound by ANI, the world’s first true artificial neural intelligence, and the first computer with human emotions. With her EDAI educational programs, ANI is changing the world we live in, providing free education to any who want to learn, starting with those places most affected by grinding poverty.

When a mysterious plague kills millions of people almost overnight, those who don’t trust ANI blame her for the deaths and begin calling for her to be shut down. When Aaron Parker is sent to Johannesburg to investigate one of ANI’s many facilities, he finds a utopia, filled with those rescued from the streets and empowered to change their own lives. But what is the real cost of this bright new future, what are the consequences of creating a machine with feelings, and how was it achieved? ANI’s creator has disappeared, and now she is beyond all human control. Will humanity pay the ultimate price for a better world?

Released: October 2011, Savage Mojo Ltd.

Well hung and left for dead, Throb Hammerdong is quite annoyed....

Barbarian quarry worker Throb wakes up one day to find himself hanging by his neck from a bridge. Luckily for us, he doesn't die, but instead sets out on a quest for revenge. Accompanied by his loyal crew and armed only with the latest weapons, a full stomach and regular, almost constant sex, Throb must survive attack by bandits, go shopping and sit through the worst live porn show on earth, before facing his enemies and sorting out the whole beaver thing.

This is a fantasy novel that's strictly for mature readers only!

Released: October 2011, Savage Mojo Ltd.

Darren dreams of becoming the world’s greatest rock guitarist and dating blonde stunner Paige Turner. Forced to a car boot sale by his mum, Darren stumbles across a magic pendant. Later he accidentally activates the pendant and it teleports him across space and time to a barn where the all-gnome band ‘Gnomads’ is practising.

The gnomes are very friendly, but they don’t have much talent. Darren soon discovers the pendant doesn’t work a second time, and he must turn this dreadful band into a huge success if he’s ever going to get home to his beloved games console.

Gnomads is a fantasy for young adults everywhere.

Mage Reborn 
Released: June 2007, Hadesgate Publications

A thousand years have passed since the ancient mages removed magic from the world. Now a young man rises from his earthly tomb bearing all of their powers. Although his memories have faded, he cannot forget his vow to kill the Emperor.

Princess Oleana-tarli schemes in her own prison, plotting to seize the king’s crown for herself. She is friendless and alone, until a dream sends her in search of a legendary beast.

Two wizards of the Empire, young and innocent, journey in search of knowledge.

But the world can be a dangerous place and their powers are only just beginning to emerge.

Kingdom will clash with Empire and the four will meet on the field of battle.

The Servicing and Maintenance of Wayland Snowball
Released: September 2006, Hadesgate Publications

Wayland Snowball doesn't want much from life. A fast car, huge amounts of money, and two gorgeous women with big...personalities. Surely that's not too much to ask on a recently colonised world where opportunities abound?

Unfortunately, Wayland is one of life's losers; a shallow and work shy youth whose only purpose in life seems to be to get drunk, upset people and try to find a way for his only friend to lose his virginity.

But with a bit of luck, lots of luck and unbelievable amounts of luck, even he may make something of himself.

Released: April 2006, Hadesgate Publications

In a world where souls are stolen at birth two children and their primate friend stand ready to fight for the freedom of emotion.

GAREN: Full of adventurous dreams, yet unknowing of the future laid out for him by the mysterious Brotherhood.

SCIEL: One of only a few Teff left that is not bound by slavery. An ape-like creature that is loyal to his friend and always hungry.

KYMAR: Hidden from the Brotherhood and now an orphan. Someone is going to pay for her loss.

Are they ready to face their destiny?

Role-playing Game Section

Caladon Falls
Released: September 2010, Cubicle Seven/Savage Mojo.

They came out of nowhere and started ripping the world apart, one city at a time. Using power on a scale never before seen, Warlocks wielding the magic of the Wild have a mission: raise armies and annihilate the entire continent of Austeria. Set in the fantasy realm of Relic, this book looks at warfare through the eyes of common soldiers - soldiers whose side is losing the war. Take the challenge. Roleplay in a fantasy world without cute pointy-eared elves, where the dwarves aren't cookie-cutter copies of Tolkein's stout, bearded mountain folk. Focus on a daily life and death struggle where the enemy is cruel, powerful, and around every corner. Take the challenge. Let your adventurers become... ...mankind's only hope.