Alison Davies: A Nottingham poet and short story writer, one day to be hugely famous. You saw her here first!

Catrina Lawrence: Horror writer and poet. Author of 'Bleeding Words', '101 Poems Of Consternation' and 'Poetry of Darkness'.

Garry Charles: A talented horror writer who's going places, and generally a nice bloke.

Melarune: A talented young artist, who supplied me with my robot emblem, and the knotwork art featured in every title of this website!

Nicholas Grabowsky: Legendary Horror writer, publisher, reviewer and all-round star, and a gentleman, to boot.

Terry Cooper: A very talented artist, who also does voice overs!


Ansible Link: A fandom newsletter site. Irreverant views and news.

Blades UK: If you ever need a sword or an axe in a hurry, these are the people for you! Some very nice stuff here, including LOTR replicas.

Comic Book and Movie Reviews: The latest comic book and movie releases, reviewed!

DriveThruRPG: A fantastic range of RPG and fiction eBooks and downloads available here!

Em Con: Nottingham's very own convention. See all your favourite SF and Fantasy stars, right here in the heart of the City. And I'll be there as well.

Firefox Browser: Still using IE? Get along to this site and get firefox's own, more secure and more stable, browser.

Hadesgate Publications: A new publisher, but certainly going places. Very professional and very nice people too. Give them a try if you read, or write, horror or dark fantasy.

Shadowlink: The web site of TTAPress, home of such publications as "The Third Alternative" and "the FIX".

The British Fantasy Society: The brand new website of the BFS. News, membership details, webrings and more. They also have some of my reviews on here, so check them out!

The British Science Fiction Association: This one pretty much speaks for itself. Go there for all things sci-fi.

The British Steam Car Challenge: A British group aiming to break the land speed record for a steam
powered car, currently standing at over 145 MPH!

The Nottingham Writers Club: The place to be in the east Midlands for all things writing related.

The Society of Authors: A union for writers, affiliated to the TUC.

The Writers Guild: The place to be for writers and related crafts.

Tripod: The home of the amazing and free web page builder that provided the space and the build engine for my old and many other excellent sites. Give it a try.