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Welcome to my writing site. You will find a selection of Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories, a few chapters from some of my novels, and a couple of TV scripts. It may be simple, but look how fast it loads!

My novels, Throb! and Gnomads, are available as Kindle Ebooks, or POD paperbacks. And also out now, my previous novels Mage Reborn, The Servicing and Maintenance of Wayland Snowball and Soulkeepers. And my latest novel, a collaboration with the very talented Matthew Lloyd is now available (see below).

Available now from Amazon!
All six of my novels are available as Ebooks or POD editions, as are my comics. See Amazon for more details. Search for "Steve Dean" under "Books".

Did you know?
I also write material for traditional RPGs, (that's roleplaying games, and not THAT kind!)
See here and here for some of my stuff!

Part two of the novel I co-authored with the talented Matthew Lloyd is now available. You can find it on my Amazon page, which is here. Or here's a direct link, if you prefer.

RPG Setting!
I've just uploaded a world setting I created to itch.io. It's an entry for a game jam, but you can download the PDF now and you don't have to pay unless you want to!

A Proper Video Game!
I've started working on a proper video game, not just a simple test thing. This one is called AutoFixx and it's about a small robot repairing damaged buildings on alien planets. It only has three levels at the moment, so it's not quite finished yet. I'll be adding extra levels and more game-play as time goes on, so be sure to check back occasionally. It's free to play or download, but all donations will be gratefully received by a starving writer! Well, maybe not starving, more like a bit peckish but you get my point.

Cor blimey! Strike a light and steady on old stick, I've made another video game in only two weeks!
That's correct. In just two weeks and using the excellent GDevelop game engine I have delivered another visual feast for your world-weary eyes. Strangle-Mangle is another two player game, featuring the same cute characters from Ploo, but this time in an epic side-shooter battle against invading strangle vines.

Video Game!
That's right, I've created a video game all on my own. You can get it absolutely free from the link below (You can choose to pay for it if you want, thanks!). It's a browser game so it should run on almost any computer. You'll need a keyboard to play, it's not a mobile game.


Become a Patron!
I have launched a Patreon page. You can find it here. Please consider supporting me in my efforts to dispense useful and amusing advice to writers of all kinds.