Earthborn started as a novel for a Young Adult audience, with the subtitle of Homeward Bound. Later, I turned it into a series of comics, although the story went in a quite different direction. Dog-knows became Raymond, mainly for translation reasons. Four out of five of the comics, the first story arc, are published, and
the fifth one is still in production and so isn't fully completed.
I've decided to publish the scripts here, so anyone who's following the story arc can at least complete it.

The novella itself is full and complete, so no worries there.

I also wrote some 'origin' type short stories, one for each of the characters, which you can also find here.

Earthborn: Comic Scripts

These scripts are presented here as they were originally given to the artists. I've posted them here so my readers can see the complete story, arc, and are in no way public property.

Earthborn - Episode Three - Planetfall

Earthborn - Episode Four - Hide and Sneak

Earthborn - Episode Five -

Earthborn: Origins

There's a little extra information here about the characters. The artwork is by an amazing artist called Matteo Galardini.

Viki and Dog-knows

The Longest Sleep

Space Warrior

Time and Distance

Yuri and the Rockets