Author: Steve Dean
Genre: Science Fiction
Series Title: Earthborn no. 03
Date: 05/12/16


A massive colony ship powers through space on its way to a new world. Inside, its cargo of humans sleep the years away, unaware of the aliens watching with greed on their minds. The invaders disable the ship, cut through the hull, then send their machines to tear the ship apart. But not all the colonists are asleep, and it falls to a small group of youngsters to defeat the aliens and save the ship.


Caption: Previously; After being awoken from hibernation sleep to find their ship being taken apart by aliens, a group of youngsters fight back. With the help of a young girl whose mind is trapped in the computer system and an intelligent toy, they manage to destroy some of the robots and detach the alien ship from the hull. But the aliens aren’t so easily defeated, and soon a second ship is in hot pursuit.


Scene one. Full page. The colony ship is being chased by a much smaller alien ship, which is closing fast.


Scene one. Akiko is in her tree house, a screen open and showing the small alien ship getting closer.
Akiko: There’s a small ship approaching, I don’t know what it’s up to.
Scene two. The group are camped in the locker room, they have food and water containers.
Merinda: Surely this ship can go faster?
Akiko: Yes, but it takes a long time to accelerate something this huge.

Scene three. C.U on Yuri, he’s smiling, as he’s just realised something.
Yuri: I know why!
Merinda: Why what?
Yuri: Why we’re going so slow.
Tama: Are you going to tell us?

Scene four. Yuri is showing off a bit, grandstanding in front of the others.
Yuri: There’s only one reason this ship would slow down, because we’ve arrived!
Tama: Arrived where?
Merinda: Our new home!


Scene one. The group are celebrating, jumping around and hugging each other.
Yuri: Akiko, can you find the new planet, should be close?
Akiko: One sec, never done this before.

Scene two. Akiko opens some screens which show dark views of space. One of the screens has a graphic around it and a caption which reads  Target Acquired.
Akiko: Yes! I’ve found it!
Tama: Cool!
Viki: What does it look like?

Scene three. Akiko zooms in a little, revealing the planet in more detail. It looks like earth, but with different continents.
Akiko: Well, it looks like Earth, at least from here.
Viki: Oh, yes I suppose it would.
Raymond: The planet was specifically selected because of its Earth-like qualities.

Scene four. Yuri starts to gather his stuff, while the others are still celebrating.
Yuri: Do you think you can land the ship, Akiko?
Akiko: Woah! Slow down a minute. That’s a big responsibility.
Tama: There’s probably a big button that says Land.

Scene five. Akiko is searching through her screens. She finds one that says Initiate landing sequence.
Akiko: Wow, there actually is, or at least close enough. Here goes...


Scene one. Akiko activates the landing sequence.
Akiko: Ok, done, we’re heading...what the hull?
Scene two. The small ship has turned towards the colony ship.
Scene three. It enters the gap left by the separation of the first ship.
Scene four. And penetrates deep inside the ship, stopping wedged through a wall.


Scene one. The group are moving out of the locker room, and feel the vibration of the impact.
Yuri: What was that?
Akiko: The ship that’s been chasing us. It’s now parked inside our ship.
Yuri: Do you think it’s been set to explode?
Scene two. Akiko opens various screens showing different views of the alien craft. Its engines are running on full.
Akiko: I’d say not, as the engines are still running.
Yuri: They’re trying to push us off course.
Akiko: It’s working, our steering thrusters aren’t strong enough to cope.
Scene three. The group are in the doorway of the locker room.
Tama: Someone will have to go and shut it off.
Merinda: That might be dangerous, let’s wait until it runs out of fuel.
Yuri: Let’s see if we can do anything, safely, while we wait.
Scene four. The group are looking along a corridor at the alien ship. It’s dark red, and only has a few scratches. We see the front end, to about halfway along the cockpit.
Merinda: The hull sealant worked, I was expecting this section to be open vacuum.
Yuri: Which means it will have to stay there while we land.


Scene one. The group move closer, Yuri and Tama in the lead, armed with metal bars. There’s a circular door open in the front part of the ship.
Yuri: Take it slowly. Me and Tama will go first.
Merinda: Ok, but any sign of trouble and we get the hull out of there.
Yuri: Agreed. Viki, stay with Merinda, Raymond, we might need your eyes.
Scene two. Viki is standing with Merinda holding Raymond. She’s looking behind her at Kris.
Viki: What about Kris?
Merinda: Kris is fine.
Tama: Not this again. Can we just go?

Scene three. Viki is upset, and hugs Raymond.
Viki: What do you mean?
Merinda: Nothing, come on…
Tama: Kris isn’t here because he’s dead.
Scene Four. Yuri and Merinda are shocked, Tama is angry, Viki is in tears.
Merinda: Tama…
Viki: He’s not dead, he’s here, and at least we aren’t adopted, like you!
Tama: What?
Viki: It’s true, me and Raymond looked at your files!
Scene five. Tama looks at Raymond, he’s very upset.
Tama: That’s not true, besides, the computers are down.
Raymond: File retrieval is still available.
Tama: It’s true? But they didn’t tell me!


Scene one. Tama storms off into the alien ship without waiting for the others.
Yuri: Tama, no, wait!
Merinda: Go after him, we’ll follow.
Viki: I’m sorry, but he was so mean.
Merinda: We’ll talk later, let’s get this problem sorted out first, ok?
Viki: ‘k.
Scene two. Yuri and Merinda approach the alien ship, Viki hanging back hugging Raymond.
Scene three. Inside the alien ship, Tama is in a cargo hold full of crates of rocks.
Scene four. Tama sits on a box of rocks, his head hung low.
Tama: Why didn’t they tell me?


Scene one. Yuri is standing in a circular doorway, leaning in and looking around. There is an open area, an airlock, another circular door is open to Yuri’s left.
Yuri: Tama? Come back, we don’t know what’s in here.
Scene two. Yuri steps in and approaches the second door, beyond is an open area with what look like lockers and other storage bins. The light is reddish.
Yuri: Yuk, what’s that smell? Tama?
Scene three. Akiko is watching them go through the door.
Akiko: Don’t forget I can’t see you in there, but I can still talk to you through Raymond.
Scene four. Yuri is standing looking into a tube-like structure, like a round ladder.
Yuri: I think the cockpit is up here, I’m going to look.
Merinda: Ok, we’ll wait here, just keep talking.


Scene one. Yuri is standing in the cockpit. There are three flat platforms that look like seats, each in front of a display (similar to what we’ve already seen) All three displays are flashing an alien symbol in white.
Yuri: Ok, I’m in the cockpit. There are three displays, all flashing with some kind of symbol.
Merinda: Anything that looks like a big red emergency stop button?
Yuri: Unfortunately not. Akiko, can you help at all?
Raymond: Akiko has detected a radio transmitter on this ship, and is attempting to ‘hack’ into the computer.

Scene two. Yuri is sitting on one of the platforms, his finger hovering over the screen.
Yuri: This looks like some kind of emergency warning to me. So this must be the cancel button.
Scene three. Merinda and Viki are sitting on the storage boxes. Viki is holding Raymond up so he can see and relay messages. The airlock door slams shut.
Merinda: Yuri, did you just close the hatches?
Yuri [O.C.]: Cool! It worked!
Merinda: Could you warn us next time?
Yuri [O.C.]: Oops! Yes, sorry.
Scene four. Yuri is looking at the screens, which now show some alien icons.
Yuri: Right, the flashing has stopped. I’ve just got a load of icons.
Merinda [O.C]: Yuri, don’t touch anything! Leave it to Akiko.
Yuri: Ok, I won’t! Hmm, that one looks like an engine.


Scene one. Akiko, as the fairy, is flying along a tube, with alien electronic circuits on the wall. These are red lines of various thicknesses joining flat black rectangles.
Akiko: Let’s see where this leads.
Scene two. Akiko emerges into what looks like a tiny city, with lots of tubular skyscrapers with tiny red windows.
Akiko: Well that was easier than I thought.
Scene three. Akiko approaches one of the small skyscrapers and puts her hand on the roof.
Akiko: Ok, let’s see what we have here.
Scene four. Merinda and Viki have opened a storage locker and found some alien space suits, which look very insectile.
Raymond: Akiko informs me she has interfaced with the alien computer and is initiating engine shutdown.
Merinda: Ok, good. Yuri, the engines should be off in a second!


Scene one. Yuri is watching the display, and sees what he thought was the engine icon begin to flash.
Yuri: I was right. But now it’s changed, looks like it’s flipped over.
Scene two. Viki has found a strange alien item, like a toilet-brush made from metal.
Merinda: Akiko, I can still hear the engines.
Scene three. Fairy Akiko is still inside the computer. She is looking puzzled.
Akiko: Well if I didn’t switch them off, what did I do?
Scene four. Cracks appear around the wall where the alien ship is attached.
Scene five. The ship slides backwards in a shower of debris.


Scene one. Merinda and VIki are lying in a pile of assorted alien junk on the floor.
Merinda: You ok Viki?
Viki: Yes, I landed on Raymond.
Merinda: Is he ok?
Raymond: I am fully functional, thank you for your concern.
Scene two. Yuri has been thrown over the screen, his legs sticking in the air.
Yuri: Leave it Akiko she said, yes, much better.
Scene three. Yuri stands up and looks out of the window, all he sees are stars.
Yuri: Err, people, I think we have a problem.
Merinda [O.C.]: What now?
Yuri: I think Akiko accidentally put the ship in reverse.
Scene four. Fairy Akiko is in the computer, one hand on the skyscraper, the other is touching icons on a virtual screen [the alien design]
Akiko: Sorry, I’ve got it now. And at least we got rid of the ship.


Scene one. Yuri looks out of the side window and sees the colony ship off in the distance.
Yuri: Akiko? You know we’re all on this alien ship, yes?
Akiko [From the alien console]: Of course. I’m in full control.
Yuri: Then can I just say, follow that ship!
Scene two. From space, we see the alien ship following the rapidly shrinking colony ship, both approaching the new planet.
Scene three. The colony ship has now disappeared, as the alien ship enters atmosphere.
Scene four. The alien ship is a ball of fire as it comes in to land.

Scene five. The alien ship has landed, a long furrow of mashed vegetation and mud in its wake.
Akiko: That could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse.
Akiko: Hello?


Scene one. Merinda, Tama and Viki have tied themselves to the alien bins with straps. Raymond is being held tightly by Viki.
Yuri: Everyone ok?
Merinda: I think so. I hope Tama isn’t hurt.
Viki: I’m ok, Raymond?
Raymond: Still at 100% functionality, thank you, Viki.
Scene two. Yuri moves to the rear of the room and looks through a round doorway. He is carrying his metal bar.
Yuri: I’m going to look for Tama. When I find him, I’m going to have a little chat.
Merinda: Ok, we’ll wait here in case he comes back.
Scene three. Yuri finds Tama in a cargo hold filled with sacks and crates. He is standing, but has a cut on his forehead, which is leaking blood.
Yuri: You ok?
Tama: I’ll live.
Yuri: We need to talk…
Tama: No we don’t.
Scene four. Tama heads out of the room, back towards the front of the ship.
Yuri: Just wait, sit here a minute and....
Tama: Not interested.


Scene one. The group are squeezed into the doorway, Tama at one end, then Yuri, Merinda and Viki with Raymond.
Yuri: Three, two, one, step!
Scene two. The group cheer and hug, except Tama, who does manage a small smile.
Yuri: Wow, I can’t believe we’re here.
Merinda: I know, it’s mind blowing.
Viki: Can we go and find our parents soon?
Merinda: Yes Viki. They’ll probably be awake when we get there.
Scene three. Yuri leans back through the doorway.
Yuri: Akiko, which way do we go?
Akiko: Head north, I’ll use Raymond to guide you in.
Yuri: Ok, cool. You might want to close this door.
Scene four. Tama sets off, carrying just his metal bar. The rest have bags made from alien space suits.


Scene one. The group are walking along a plain covered in small alien plants. Yuri, Merinda and Viki together, Tama out in front.
Yuri: This place really is Earth-like, I feel like I’m walking in the park at home.
Merinda: Yes, except this isn’t grass, and that sun looks smaller but brighter.
Viki: I feel light.
Raymond: The estimated gravity on this planet is 93% of Earth’s.
Scene two. They walk down a hill towards some gullies, orange-brown stone walls which get higher as they travel. There are some larger plants here, like land-based water lilies. There are insects like armoured bees flying around, the size of sparrows.
Yuri: The insects around here are quite large.
Merinda: Yes, let’s hope there’s nothing bigger.
Scene three Tama stops suddenly and points down towards the ground.
Yuri: What is it?
Tama: Tracks, big ones.
Yuri: Ok, be ready, but don’t just go running in.
Scene four. The group carry on walking, guided by Raymond, the tracks head where they’re going.
Tama: There’s something coming, I can hear it.
Scene five. One of the smaller alien tank robots emerges from  the undergrowth and runs towards them.


Scene one. Tama doesn’t hesitate, but runs straight towards it. It brings up its guns and fires at Tama.
SFX: Thrrrrrr!
Scene two. The bullets track towards him, but miss. Tama smacks the gun barrel with his metal bar, then starts to smash the robot.
Tama: Arghhhh!
Scene three. Yuri and Merinda join in with their metal bars, smashing the robot to scrap.
Yuri: What the hull is that doing here?
Merinda: Maybe this is their planet.
Yuri: Great, all this way and it’s already taken.
Scene four. Another robot steps out from the undergrowth, its weapons rising. Tama steps towards it.
Scene five. Something hits the robot, blowing several neat holes in it.
SFX: P-chow!
Tama: What the hull?


Scene one. A human male appears. (He looks like a mature Brad Pitt) He’s dressed in blue overalls and black boots, and a wide belt with tools hanging off it. He also has a gun in a holster.
Vitus: Greetings, I was beginning to think you’d never get here.
Vitus: Yes indeed.
Scene two. The man steps forward and shakes their hands, as if meeting them at a party.
Vitus: Hello, my name is Vitus, pleased to meet you.
Tama: Tama.
Vitus: Strong handshake Tama.
Merinda: I’m Merinda.
Vitus: Lovely name.
Yuri: Yuri.
Vitus: A pleasure, young man.
Viki: I’m Viki and this is Raymond.
Vitus: Ah, the brains of the operation.
Scene three. The man and the group are standing in front of what looks like a peeled open rocket. There’s steam rising from the top. Vitus is standing with both arms out wide.
Vitus: And this is the Atmosphere and Terraforming Optimisation Machine, or Atom for short.
Viki: What does it do?
Vitus: Good question! At the moment, it’s reducing the oxygen in the atmosphere.
Viki: Why?
Vitus: Because, my dear, there’s a little bit too much of it here for humans.
Scene four. Vitus takes them over to one side of the Atom and into a geodesic dome tent. Inside is a chair, a bed, a workbench and a rack of weapons.
Vitus: Come in. It’s not much, but I call it home.
Scene five. Vitus stands while the others sit on the bed. Viki takes the chair, Raymond in her lap.
Vitus: So, where are the others? you appear to be 4996 short.
Yuri: We had some problems, those aliens attacked the ship....
Merinda: We woke up, but none of the adults did…
Viki: They crashed into us and we went inside, but Akiko made it reverse instead of switching it off...


Scene one: The group are sitting around a campfire eating rations and drinking water.
Merinda: So what about you, how did you get here?
Vitus: I came in the Atom, 103 years ago. They sent me to keep an eye on it.
Merinda: You can’t have been awake all that time though, you aren’t that old.
Vitus: Thank you, but in fact, I am.
Yuri: But how did you get here before us?
Vitus: I can only assume the Atom left after you but was faster, I don’t know for sure.
Scene two. Close up on Vitus. His eyes are looking into infinity.
Vitus: I lost my memory, I don’t know how or when. So they sent me out here, to get me out of the way I suppose.
Scene three. Vitus walks over to his weapons rack and removes some of the guns.
Vitus: Well, enough of that, let’s go and find the rest of your gang.
Scene four. Vitus starts handing out weapons, including Viki.
Viki: You can’t give a nine-year-old a gun!
Vitus: I can’t? Too heavy?
Viki: No, I’m a child.
Vitus: Oh, well, how about a Taser?


Scene one. Vitus is leading them through the gullies again, his rifle held by the barrel over his shoulder. The others following behind with similar weapons. Viki has an adult belt pulled tight around her waist with a holster on it.
Vitus: North you say? Might be some spider beetles up that way, so keep your eyes open.
Viki: What are spider beetles?
Vitus: Pretty much what you’d expect really, a bit of beetle, a bit of spider.
Viki: How big are they?
Vitus: Huge, some of them. Bigger than you, bigger than me.
Scene two. The group are following behind as they go through a narrow gully. Vitus is still walking casually, the rest are clutching their weapons and looking everywhere. Viki is in the middle of the group.
Merinda [whispering]: I don’t think Vitus is very good with children.
Vitus: As far as I remember, you’re the first ones I’ve ever met.
Merinda [whispering]: Your hearing is very good.
Vitus: The best money can buy.
Scene three. The group are standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down into a wide valley. The sun is setting, to the right of the picture.
Vitus: We can climb down here, but the spider beetles sometimes hunt on these cliffs. Or we could go around, but that’ll take longer.
Yuri: Is this a good place to stop for the night?
Vitus: Why stop?
Yuri: Because it’s getting dark.
Vitus: And, you can’t see in the dark?
Yuri: No.
Raymond: Yes.
Scene four The group are camped on a ledge above the valley, like a step in the cliff. They have a fire, and Vitus is standing guard.
Vitus: None of the wildlife has evolved beyond the insect stage, but the high oxygen levels, and the gill-type organs they have has allowed them to get much bigger than those on earth.
Yuri: Just how big are we talking?
Vitus: What are those grey things with long noses?
Viki: Elephants?
Vitus: Yes, about that big.


Scene one The sun is rising, and Vitus is still standing guard as if he hasn’t moved. The group begin to wake up.
Vitus: As the sun was rising I saw a glint of metal over there. Could be your ship.
Scene two The group are standing ready at the top of the cliff. Vitus has his rifle by the strap over his shoulder.
Vitus: Ready?
Merinda: Yes.
Yuri: Yep.
Scene three Vitus walks to the edge of the cliff and steps out.
Yuri: What the hull..?
Scene four Vitus’s head and shoulders reappear, looking puzzled.
Vitus: Climbing down, yes?
Merinda: We need rope.
Vitus: You do? Hmm. One sec.
Scene five Vitus returns with a long vine, which he ties around a rock.
Vitus: There’s water at the bottom, but it’s not deep. Anyone not waterproof?


Scene one The group start to climb down, Yuri, Merinda, Viki and Tama. Raymond is in Viki’s bag.
Scene two Tama looks around and sees a spider beetle walking towards him. It’s as big as a big dog, has ten legs and is covered in a green shiny exoskeleton. (Imagine a large spider wearing green armour) Its mouth opens sideways, and looks like a vice with teeth.
Tama: Get away!
Scene three Tama starts kicking out at the spider beetle as it gets nearer, shaking the rope.
Tama: I’ll kick your face, get away!
Merinda: Tama, you’re shaking the rope!

Scene four The spider beetle is very close. There’s a shot from somewhere and an impact against the rock, next to the spider beetle. A shower of rock fragments hits the beetle.
SFX: Pshhhhh!
Scene five Vitus is standing at the bottom of the cliff, holding a small pistol. The beetle is running away in the background.
Vitus: That was a spider beetle, or a beetle spider, if you prefer.


Scene one The group carry on moving, wading across a lake, the water is about ankle deep. Insect forms are moving around under and on the water. Vitus and Tama are at the front, then Yuri and Viki, then Merinda.
Vitus: Stay alert, stick frogs like these wetter areas.
Tama: Do they look like stick insects crossed with frogs?
Vitus: Pretty much, my young warrior.
Scene two They’re standing on dry land, looking at a wall of jungle. The trees look like multi-stemmed palm trees, the leaves like giant water lilies.
Vitus: I saw the glint of metal in there somewhere. It’s not far, but watch out for...well, just assume everything that doesn’t run away is dangerous.
Yuri: Maybe some of us should wait here?
Viki: I’m not waiting here, I’m not a baby.
Vitus: It’ll be fine, just don’t touch...anything.
Scene two The group are moving between the trees, there’s enough room to walk single file. There are small flying insects, and larger ones on the tree trunks.
SFX: Peep peep. Zzzzzzz. Click-tick.
Scene three The group are standing beside a huge crashed space ship, it’s covered in vines and wildlife. It’s been stripped, and the frame is showing in places.
Vitus: Well, I’m hoping that isn’t the ship you’re looking for.
Yuri: No. So where’s ours?
Vitus: This is what I saw from on top of the cliff. Nothing else.


Scene one The group are gathered around Viki, who is holding Raymond. The crashed ship is in the background.
Merinda: Raymond, please ask Akiko where she is.
Raymond: ...exactly where you left her, in the alien ship.
Merinda: No, I mean where is she, and the Patrick Moore?
Raymond: Akiko appears confused, and states she ‘doesn’t really know’.

Scene two The group looked shocked and worried.
Merinda: If the landing sequence went wrong, they could be anywhere on this planet.
Yuri: We need to get back to the ship, be much quicker to search from up there.
Tama: The ship’s busted up, after that landing, might not take off again.
Viki: Vitus can help us fix it.
Scene three Vitus is standing in a large hole in the side of the ship.
Vitus: I can try, but I don’t have any spares for an alien ship. Might be some in here.
Merinda: It might be dangerous in there.
Vitus: It’s dangerous out there. Besides, we’ve walked all this way, be rude not to go in.
Scene Four Vitus disappears inside. Tama starts to follow him.
Yuri: Ok, we go in, but stick together, and stay alert, and don’t touch anything.


Scene one Inside the crashed ship, Raymond’s eyes are on full beam. There is also some light coming through the holes in the ship. Most of the ship is stripped to bare metal, with some panels remaining. The space they are in is huge, as large as a warehouse. There are triangular tunnels in the opposite wall. Vitus is entering one of them.
Scene two The group follow Vitus, entering one of the tunnels. The point of the triangle is four metres high.
Yuri: Whoever this ship belonged to, they were tall.
Merinda: Or a funny shape, or both.
Scene three They enter a side room, shaped like a pyramid. It’s twenty metres across at the base. There are empty crates, smashed open lockers and debris all over the floor.
Yuri: Someone really wanted whatever was in here.
Scene four Tama is looking at markings on the ground. They look like tracks left by a robot.
Tama: Looks like our old friends did this, these are scavenger robot tracks.
Merinda: [shocked] This is what they were trying to do to our ship.
Yuri: We need to find it, and fast.


Scene one Viki is sitting on a crate as the others examine the tracks. Raymond is on her lap, his eyes pointing towards them.
Scene two Viki looks down at the crate she’s sitting on. She is puzzled. There is an alien symbol on the front of the crate.
Scene three Viki stands and puts Raymond down facing the others. She is looking at the crate, which is intact among the wreckage.

Scene four Viki opens the crate and looks inside.
Scene five C.U. on Viki’s face, she is wide-eyed and smiling. (Maybe has the reflection of a glowing shape in her eyes?)


Scene one The group head off and enter another pyramid room, this one fifty metres across. There is an inverted pyramid hanging down from the roof in the centre, the tip is about ten metres off the floor. The inverted pyramid has markings that are suggestive of scales.
Yuri: What is that?
Merinda: No idea.
Scene two Vitus enters carrying a large crate overflowing with random cables and parts.
Vitus: I’ve found some stuff they either missed or didn’t want. There’s more back there.
Yuri: How do we get it back to the ship?
Vitus: We can rig up some kind of trolley or sledge.
Scene three Viki is looking around, and sees a shadow move on the wall.
Viki: What was that?
Merinda: What did you see?
Viki: I don’t know, a shadow, probably nothing.
Vitus: (He’s drawn his pistol) Was it nothing, or ‘nothing’?
Viki: Err, more like ‘nothing’.
Scene four Vitus is looking around, his pistol ready.
Vitus: Ok, everyone gather together, over here.
Tama: What did she see?
Vitus: Shadow centipedes.
Tama: A bit of shadow, a bit of centipede?
Vitus: Pretty much.


Scene one The group form a circle, Viki in the centre, Raymond held above her head to provide some light.
Vitus: The trick is to shoot them when they move, strafing in the direction you think they went.
Tama: I can’t see anything.
Vitus: When you see nothing, shoot it.
Scene two Vitus swings his gun around, blasting all around. He hits something, which screams.
SFX: Kchoo! Kchoo! Kchoo!
SFX: Cheeeeee!

Scene three Something the size of a canoe hits the floor, it’s many legs sticking up in the air, and leaking bright yellow blood. It’s mostly black, but the legs are like brown glass.
Vitus: If we kill a few, the rest will start to eat them and we can get out of here.
Viki: Yuk!
Scene four All of them begin blasting away, shooting into the shadows and all around.
SFX: Kchoo! Kchoo! Kchoo!
SFX: Cheeeee!
Tama: I got one!
Scene five One of the shadows drops down straight towards Viki’s head.


Scene one The shadow is just above Viki’s head, we see the suggestion of fangs and claws.
Scene two Vitus leaps into the air, still firing…
Scene three ...spins and kicks out…
Scene four … and the shadow centipede goes flying off into the dark.
SFX: Cheeeee!


Scene one The group are gathering the crates of stuff they’ve found. Tama is dragging the corpse of a shadow centipede into the light.
Tama: And that’s five. All that shooting and we only killed five.
Vitus: They’re pretty tough, even if you do hit them they don’t always die.
Tama: And if you kick them?
Vitus: If I kick them, yes. If you did it, you’d break your foot.
Scene two Tama is using a piece of wreckage to poke at the dead creature.
Tama: Can you teach me, to do what you did?
Vitus: I can teach you some martial arts, but you’ll never be as good as me.
Tama: (sharply) Why?!
Vitus: Because you’re human.
Tama: And you’re not?
Scene three Vitus picks up a long piece of metal and bends it into the shape of a ski.
Tama: (wide eyed) You’re a cyborg?
Vitus: Nope.
Tama: A robot?
Vitus: Pretty much.
Scene four Vitus continues bending metal until he’s made a sledge to pull the stuff. Tama stares at him as he works.
Tama: Wow.
Vitus: And let’s take that centipede, I’ve got an idea.


Scene one The group are walking behind Vitus, who is pulling the sledge. On the sledge are alien crates, on top the dead shadow centipede. The group have their guns out, except Viki, who is carrying Raymond.
Yuri: How are we going to get this lot back up the cliff?
Vitus: I’ll climb up, then drag the stuff up with the rope.
Merinda: What about the spider beetles?
Vitus: I doubt they’ll come close to this shadow centipede, but you can shoot them if they do.
Scene two The group are at the top of the cliff, reloading the sledge before they move on.
Vitus: Well, that was relatively...that’s not good.
Yuri: What isn’t?
Vitus Everyone behind the sledge, Viki, you get in the middle.
Scene three The group are gathered behind the sledge, the cliff edge a few metres behind them, guns ready.
Merinda: What’s the problem, Vitus?
Vitus: Remember those elephant-sized insects I was telling you about?
Merinda: There’s one coming this way isn’t there?
Vitus: Smart girl.
Tama: Won’t it be scared of the dead shadopede?
Vitus: Nice contraction, I like it, and no.
Scene four The group look towards the gully they came through earlier. Filling it is a large insect, part ant, part beetle and part tank.
Vitus: Shoot it in the face, all of you. It should leave us if we hurt it enough.
Tama: Should?
Vitus: They aren’t the smartest creatures on the planet.
Tama: That would be us, right?
Vitus: Ha! You wish!
Scene five The huge insect rushes at them, it’s massive head reaching down for them. They all open fire.
SFX: Kchoo! Kching! Pee-yew!


Scene one The insect is getting closer, bullets and laser beams bouncing off or breaking off small pieces of armour.
SFX: P-chu! P-chu! P-chee!
Scene two The massive jaws swing down, knock Yuri flying, skim over Merinda’s head, and grab for Tama, who stands his ground, firing all the time.
SFX: P-chee! P-chee!
Tama Come on you stupid insect!
Scene three The insect grabs at Tama…
Scene four... who is pushed aside by Vitus.
Scene five The insect lifts its head with Vitus in its jaws.
Yuri: Stop shooting!
Tama: No, shoot the legs!


Scene one The insect rears up as it tries to run off with Vitus. Shots rain on and around its thick legs.
SFX: Kchoo! Kching! P-chee!
Scene two C.U. on Vitus, he has a small sphere in his hand, like a golf ball.
Vitus: Here, have one of these, I made it myself.
Scene three Vitus pushes the huge jaws apart and drops to the ground.
Vitus: Duck!
Scene four The group dive to the floor as a big explosion turns the insect’s head to liquid and exoskeleton parts.
SFX: Wumph!
Scene five The group are gathered around Vitus, dripping with ichor.
Vitus: Shall we go? Be getting dark soon, that’s when the really big ones come out.
Merinda: You aren’t hurt?
Vitus: No, but these overalls will need a wash.


Scene one The group arrive back at Vitus’ camp with the stuff. Vitus carries the shadopede to one side.
Merinda: What are you going to do with that thing?
Vitus: It’s a surprise.
Viki: Are you going to cook it?
Vitus: No Vik, but humans can eat them, they’re full of protein.
Viki: Yuk!
Scene two The group are gathered around the campfire. They’re eating rations, the alien parts they found are scattered around their feet.
Vitus: I’ll take a look at your ship, try to fix it if I can. You can use my radio to contact the other ship, see where it’s got to.
Yuri: Good idea.

Scene three The kids are gathered in the small radio room of the terraforming ship. Merinda is using the radio while Yuri examining the controls. Viki is holding up Raymond so he can look around. Tama is eating.
Merinda: Akiko, can you hear me?
Akiko: Yes, I hear you.
Akiko: Yes, I’m here.
Merinda Where are you?
Akiko: I’m still in the alien ship, same as before.
Akiko: Something’s gone wrong, the landing sequence failed, and I’m heading off into space.
Scene four Move in on Merinda and Yuri, they look puzzled.
Merinda: Two Akiko’s?
Yuri: Maybe she thought she’d moved onto the alien ship, but actually copied herself.
Merinda: Is that possible?
Yuri: Must be.
Merinda: Ok, Akiko who’s going off into space, we’ll follow as soon as we can, keep in touch. Alien ship Akiko, sit tight, Vitus is coming to fix you.
Akiko: Don’t know what you’re talking about, but ok.
Akiko: Who’s Vitus?


Scene one The group are standing around the open hatch of the alien ship.
Vitus: I had to guess, and you might find some minor systems don’t work, but a spaceship is a spaceship at the end of the day.
Yuri: Great, thanks for all your help
Merinda: Yes, thank you very much. Not sure when we’ll meet again.
Vitus: Oh, probably quite soon, I’m coming with you.
Tama: You are? cool!
Scene two Vitus picks up a large black bag and moves towards the hatch.
Vitus: Yeah, it’s got a bit boring around here the last few decades. But you people are fun, so I’ll tag along for awhile, if that’s ok?
Tama: Sure, you can teach me some of your skills.
Vitus: I can teach you all kinds of stuff.
Scene three Vitus turns to Viki.
Vitus: I can teach you how to make my special grenades.
Viki: Nice!
Raymond: Now, I don’t think that’s an appropriate…
Vitus: Lighten up, fluff ball, I’m joking.
Scene four Inside the hold of the ship, Vitus has arranged crates and webbing straps to make human shaped seats.
Vitus: It’s a bit more human-friendly in here, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than sliding around everywhere.
Yuri: If we’re all ready, let’s get going before we lose the colony ship.


Scene one Full page. The group are sitting in the makeshift chairs, Tama, Yuri, Merinda, Vitus and Viki. Viki is turning to the side and smiling, standing beside her is a ghostly image of Kris.
Akiko: Everyone strapped in? Then let’s get off this rock!