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Welcome to my writing site.

I've decided to revamp my website, make it a bit more pretty and functional. So excuse me while I play around with it. Some things might disappear and some new stuff might appear while I experiment. Hopefully, it won't take too long. Then again, I might scrap it all and start again. Or get someone else to do it, which sounds good. You'll be the first to know when I decide.

Meanwhile, please visit my author page on Amazon: Here

Did you know?
I also write material for traditional RPGs, (that's roleplaying games, and not THAT kind!)
See here and here for some of my stuff!

Part two of the novel I co-authored with the talented Matthew Lloyd is now available. You can find it on my Amazon page, which is here. Or here's a direct link, if you prefer.

RPG Setting!
I've just uploaded a world setting I created to itch.io. It's an entry for a game jam, but you can download the PDF now and you don't have to pay unless you want to!

A Proper Video Game!
I've started working on a proper video game, not just a simple test thing. This one is called AutoFixx and it's about a small robot repairing damaged buildings on alien planets. It only has three levels at the moment, so it's not quite finished yet. I'll be adding extra levels and more game-play as time goes on, so be sure to check back occasionally. It's free to play or download, but all donations will be gratefully received by a starving writer! Well, maybe not starving, more like a bit peckish but you get my point.

Cor blimey! Strike a light and steady on old stick, I've made another video game in only two weeks!
That's correct. In just two weeks and using the excellent GDevelop game engine I have delivered another visual feast for your world-weary eyes. Strangle-Mangle is another two player game, featuring the same cute characters from Ploo, but this time in an epic side-shooter battle against invading strangle vines.

Video Game!
That's right, I've created a video game all on my own. You can get it absolutely free from the link below (You can choose to pay for it if you want, thanks!). It's a browser game so it should run on almost any computer. You'll need a keyboard to play, it's not a mobile game.