Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone, and welcome to what I'm calling my blog. Now, it might not conform to many people's idea of what a blog is, in that it could be more accurately called a journal, or a diary. Maybe it's a Bloj, or a Blournal. Whatever it's called it will cover a range of subjects related to writing, RPGing, video games and other related stuff. It will include my thoughts and musings, lists, opinions and general wanderings around my mental landscape. At this point, I'm not sure how regular it's going to be, but we shall see.

Top Ten Things To Do At The Game Table With A Spoon That Doesn’t Include Eating

Today I’ll be listing my particular favourite things to do with a spoon during a game session. Why a spoon I hear you ask? Well, you can’t use a knife, (obviously!) and forks are also out due to the pointy tines, which leaves only spoons, unless you count some of the more exotic cutlery, like sporks and knoons, but that would just be silly.
What kind of spoon you choose from the many types available is down to personal choice. I usually go for a nice Bouillon spoon, I like the long handle and the round bowl. Let me know if you have your own uses for a spoon, or if this article saved your life. (More)

Top Ten Things Missing From RPG Sessions

Hello again everyone! Welcome to another in our Top Ten series. Today I’m looking at the things I think are missing from TRPGs, some of which are major oversights on the part of game and hardware devs. Some of these might come in the future, particularly if this article is seen by the movers and shakers of the modern world. Incidentally, these are all my ideas and therefore copyrighted to me, if you use them I want 5% of any profits and at least three of the product for free, gift wrapped and with a little thank you card.(More)

Top Ten Things Anti-gamers Say To Gamers That Wind Me Up!

Hello! This Top Ten might turn into a bit of a rant, so forgive me, but it's something I’m passionate about. I'm talking mostly about TRPGs, but some of the points are relevant to all games, from board games to eSports. I'm sure most people have encountered these common misconceptions at one time or another. I certainly know people even now who keep the fact they're a gamer secret, for fear of being discriminated against.
By the way, I'm not having a go at people who do these activities, just those who criticise gamers and think what they do is somehow more worthy. (More)

Top 10 Best Dragons in Films

Welcome to another in a series of top 10s. This time we're talking about dragons in films, or movies as some people call them. We're not talking about the quality of the film here, but about the dragons. And there's none of your animated nonsense here, all live-action. (with CGI and puppets and special effects dragons, of course.) (More)